Group 2-Railroad Workers

You need to find out about the work conditions on the construction of the railroad.

Here are some questions to help you:
1. Who worked on the railroad?

2. What role did the Chinese workers had in the construction of the railroad?
3. Why were the Chinese workers so important?

4. What was the average salary?
5. Explain the wage differentials paid to the Chinese workers and the other workers?

6. Were they other form of discrimination?

7. How did the Chinese organize themselves into “gangs” of workers?

8. Were they able to keep their life style: food, clothing, and traditions?

9. What were their relations with the other workers?
10. Describe the working conditions.
11. Was there any concern about safety?
12. Describe the work that was necessary to cut through the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

13. What happen during the winter of 1865-66?

14. Explain the strike of the Chinese workers in 1867.

You will need to find photos illustrating the working conditions.